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The appearance of a building is the most important element of the technical and aesthetic implementation of any project in order for it to look complete and fit into the environment.

AlNeLa façade is a profile with a ready-to-install groove and feather joint for vertical, horizontal and diagonal installation.
Intelligent suspended aluminium ventilated façades can improve the energy efficiency of buildings by up to 50%. Their distinctive feature is the optimized interaction with the external environment, which significantly reduces the consumption of electricity for heating, cooling and ventilation throughout the year. Thus, modern ventilated façade systems combine functionality, durability, aesthetics and environmental protection by saving energy and interacting with the environment.

Aluminium gives the necessary freedom in terms of design and at the same time allows adaptation to the diverse and changing requirements of architects and clients in different geographical locations around the world. The modern suspended aluminium ventilated façade system combines functionality, durability, energy saving and aesthetic appearance to meet the highest requirements.


Suspended façade systems allow to be used in all types of buildings. They have a number of advantages over other façades available on the market.

They improve energy efficiency by allowing maximum penetration of solar heat and reducing cooling costs as well as requiring zero maintenance.

The different colours and patterns of the suspended aluminium ventilated façade make it the perfect choice for both the urban environment and the secluded corners in nature, so that it is in harmony with the surrounding environment.


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The presentation of colours may deviate from the original due to technical reasons.
We will be happy to provide you with original samples.

Profile Dimensions

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